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I always feel like somebody’s watching me!

January 26, 2010

Rockwell & Michael Jackson summed it up perfectly for me. When I am touring homes I always feel like somebody’s watching me!


First of all, I’m neurotic.

Secondly, there are a plethora of personal and industry anecdotes that confirm my suspicions.

I’ve already shared my pant-less encounters with you. Those stories are enough on their own to keep one looking over his or her shoulder!

I could go on about times when a buyer’s snarky comments about a home have been overheard by a seller when the buyer thought no one was home.

I also might sight some of the more sensational violations announced by the MLS on their monthly list of disciplinary action, such as, carnal rendezvous in listed homes by agents & clients, agents & agents, agents & … well you get the point.

But the example I’d like to share with you today is startling because it can happen to even the most well-behaved and courteous visitor.

What I’m talking about is whether or not we should use the bathroom while touring homes.

Now, it would seem like a good idea to relieve ourselves before we head out on a home tour. After all, that vente sized latte and 40 oz. bottle of Aqua Fina are bound to kick in eventually and when nature calls courtesy goes down the toilet.

One day about a year and a half ago “natured called” a colleague of mine who was showing a condo in Kirkland.

How do we know this occurred?

The owner of that condo informed said agent that they had video footage of him using the lavatory.

That’s right, the seller filmed him going to the bathroom!

What the pants?!

As it turns out, the sellers had set up a hidden camera in their home in case someone tried to steal something.

Why the bathroom?

I don’t know.

It seems that the seller was angry at the agent because he had left his clients unattended whilst in the commode and thus, had left their belongings vulnerable.

To be honest, I was so shocked by the story that I forgot how the whole thing turned out. We are supposed to remain with our clients in homes but this was obviously over the top behavior by the sellers.

All I know is that I don’t want to end up at the top of YouTube’s most viewed list as the “Urinating Realtor”.

I am in so many homes with so many people that it is impossible to maintain an unblemished record of non-toilet use. But I have been much more careful about where and when I choose to use the water closet since hearing this story.

So here’s a word to the wise for current home shoppers and future would be buyers, “RELIEVE BEFORE YOU LEAVE”.

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