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I think I feel a regret coming on…

January 28, 2010

We all have regrets in life. I find that most of my regrets have to do with technology purchases that I’ve made. With the upcoming release of Apple’s new iPad, I have a feeling that I wil regret having purchased a new laptop last November.

Though we own an iPod, I have been hesitant to fully dive into Apple’s iWorld not because of the products (which are pretty amazing) but because of the level of sanctimony I’m forced to endure from their users. But the iPad looks so stinkin’ cool that soon I may be forced to join their ranks.

If the NAR or NWMLS get’s their act together and developes an application for these things it will change the way real estate agents do business.

If you haven’t seen the iPad video check it out below:

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  1. Joe Kleiner permalink
    January 29, 2010 7:33 am

    Pretty darn cool, i must say. Only thing is, i wouldnt dare buy something like this for at least another 15 or so years. Dude, my kids are always jackin’ with, and losing my stuff. i still can’t find the remote for my dvd player. Seriously though, i think that the mobility is pretty dang awesome. I am going to the apple site right now to see the specs. I wonder what the HD capacity is if the thing is holding movies and such. It’s kinda like the kindle on a years worth of McGwire roids.

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