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Referred to a Turd

March 8, 2010

A Tale of Woe 

A cautionary tale- lest you, Dear Reader, fall prey to the dreaded “Friend-of-a-Friend”.

Once upon a time, a diligent and hard working real estate agent helped a couple find their next home, where they hoped to live happily ever after.  The couple were so pleased and so happy and they felt so sure they would love their new home, they just needed a good loan officer to finance the purchase.  “Never you fear”, said Diligent Agent, “I have a trusted loan officer that will take care of your every need!”   But alas, the couple felt afraid because they have a Friend-of-a-Friend who they felt they must use.

Diligent Agent worked hard to contact Friend-of-a-Friend, but Friend-of-a-Friend was illusive, unresponsive, and worst of all – uncaring.  Couple’s storybook home was in danger of dissapearing.  Diligent Agent, backed into an unforgiving corner, used her last weapon against these evils – she called Friend-of-a-Friend’s boss to set right this wrong.  At this point in my tale, Dear Reader, you may want to shelter the faint of heart-  For Friend-of-a-Friend revealed herself to be not a friend, but a cold schyster whose only interest was her own gain.  Poor Couple, the shock they endured when they saw Friend-of-a-Friend for who she really was!  Friend-of-a-Friend hurled threats, nearly undoing Couple’s dreams of owning this home.  

This tale is not yet fully told.  As we speak, Diligent Agent continues to fight against Friend-of-a-Friend’s onslaught.  We can only hope, for the sake of Couple, that she will be triumphant.  How do I know this to be true?  I was there! Last Thursday!  Listening as Diligent Agent confronted Friend-of-a-Friend!  The moral of the story, Dear Reader, is anyone can be a friend of a friend, but only the most qualified are worthy to represent you in a real estate transaction.

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