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It Isn’t Easy Being Green

May 12, 2010

New construction builders like to tout how green their homes are. It is not unusual to see a sign during an open house proclaiming how many green stars that house has. Like restaurant reviews, a house earns green stars by the quality of it’s green build – the more stars, the greener the build. But don’t be fooled by this system. Just the other day I was in a “green” build that had such noxious fumes that I had to hold my breath and hurry through – and yet it had 3 stars. Which reminds me of the family restaurant in my neighborhood that proudly displays a review claiming they are “charmingly adequate”. Turns out in the construction world, there is green, and then there is green green. Houses with scores of one, two, or three stars are self-certified, meaning no third party certification has been provided. For shades of a truer green, look for four and five star builds. For help navigating the star rating system go to for a detailed explanation.

This article is from Ted Dietz – keeping real estate real, the May 2010 newsletter. For more, you can subscribe here.

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