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Is Over Pricing the New Horror this Amityville Home Will be Forced to Endure?

May 27, 2010

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Amityville House now up for sale, real estate agents feed off of fear
May 27, 2:32 AMDayton Paranormal ExaminerAnita Brown

The infamous house once addressed as 112 Ocean Avenue has gone up for sale for the price of $1.15 million. The price comes as a shock when compared to other real estate in the Amityville, with huge brand new homes and sprawling restored historical colonials selling for only around $580,000.

In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot his entire family in their sleep. There are many details of paranormal interest surrounding the DeFeo murders, such as the time that the murders occurred, Ronald Jr.’s bizarre behavior that lead up to that tragic night, and the fact that none of the neighbors heard a single gun shot. The strangest detail of all is that not one of the family members appeared to have been awakened by the sounds of the shots going off in the rooms right next to them and even beside one them in same bed where they were sleeping. When the bodies were found, they were all in a lying down position, appearing to have been peacefully sleeping when they were shot.

The mystery then deepened, and was brought to national attention, when George and Kathy Lutz told their story of the 28 days they lived inside the home. George was greatly affected by an evil presence in the house, exhibiting signs of demonic attachment such as personality changes, sudden violent behavior, and thoughts of killing his family. He awakened each night at 3:15, and each night the horrid changes in him became worse.

The Lutz’s daughter was also visited by both a little girl and a creature with glowing red eyes. A priest was called in to bless the house, but it didn’t work, and he claimed to have heard a voice telling him to “get out”.

The house was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1976, who asserted that in their opinion the house was indeed abandoned in a hurry, and that they could sense an evil presence in the home. They believed that this presence was tied to Native American practices on the land before the house had been built, although this history has not been able to be verified. The book was written and released shortly after their investigation, followed by a film that instantly became a horror classic and drew hundreds of thousands of people to gawk at the house, annoying new owners to no end.

Dr. Stephen Kaplan, however, felt that the entire story was a hoax concocted by the Lutzes and Ronald DeFeo’s lawyer, each having their own reasons to benefit from such a hoax. Many things point to this being a possibility as well, and all owners of the home after the Lutzes have maintained that they have experienced no paranormal activity in the house whatsoever.

Was Amityville a hoax, cunningly devised to help Ronald DeFeo appeal his case and to get the Lutzes out of a heavy mortgage? Or was there really an evil presence there that influenced Ronald Jr. and then felt that George would be an easy target as well? Could the Warrens have somehow driven out what was there before anyone else moved into the home? Or could it have never existed at all? We are left to our own opinions, as the house has never been investigated since the mid-70’s. Even if it were investigated, if whatever was there has left, it would do no one any good.

So now we are left with one last question…$1.15 million for this house, in a town where the best homes available sell for less than half that price. The Lutzes were accused of wanting to make a large sum of money off of the DeFeo family’s tragedy. I wonder how the price tag the current owner has placed on this property is any better?

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