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Home Security During Vacation

July 19, 2010

July and August are the months many of us take off for vacation. If you don’t have a doberman equipped with his own home monitoring system you may need to take other precautions to keep your home safe while you are gone.

Here are some tips:
Light, Light, Light: Put exterior and interior lights on a timer, or use motion detectors, giving your home the “occupied” look. Have lights at all entries, such as garage doors, back door, basement, you get the idea.

Put your snoopy neighbor to use: She watches all your comings and goings anyway, now you can give her a legit reason to monitor your house.

It’s all about the timing: Put timers on your t.v., interior lights, and radio. Again, we’re going for that “lived in” look.

The Dead Give Away: Mail or newspapers left out are a dead give away that nobody is home. Put your subscriptions on hold and contact the post office to hold your mail.

Hello? Anybody home?: Set your voicemail to come on after the second or third ring. An endlessly ringing phone is a tip off that nobody is there to answer.

Friendship is the key: Leave your key with a friend, not under the mat or in the mailbox. Ask them to stop by occasionally and check up on things. Maybe they’ll water the plants too!

Out of sight: Don’t leave important valueables in the house. Laptops, cell phones, etc should be tucked away. Or even better, take them to your friend’s house. Same goes for credit cards or anything else that may aid the bad guy in stealing your money and ID. If it’s not there, they can’t take it.

Lawn, Garbage, and a Car: Arrange for the lawn to be mowed and the trash put out. Also, ask a neighbor to park in your driveway. All the busy-ness will fool the bad guy into believing somebody is actually inside the house.

The Big “Duh”: Lock all doors, including the one that leads to the garage. Secure all windows, even second story ones.

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