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Go Plant a Tree

October 11, 2010

We put in a new garden this weekend. We pulled out the weed infested grass in our front yard and replaced it with a low maintenance, drought tolerant garden.  We added a couple of gravel paths, and we planted a couple of trees.   It’s one of those things where we are saying to ourselves, “why didn’t we do this years ago?”.  What a difference it made to the overall curb appeal of our home.  Once the garden fills in and the trees grow taller it will totally transform our little piece of terra firma. It is said that trees can improve a home’s value by 9-15%. They can also reduce cooling and heating costs.  Plus, they purify the air, create habitat for birds and just generally make your yard nice and peaceful.  

The city of Seattle has a program called  reLeaf, it’s mission is to keep the Emerald City green.  On their website are a lot of helpful facts and guidelines to help you figure out what kind of tree(s) is best for your yard.  Information includes what trees are approved for the sidewalk strip, suggestions for residential trees, and how to plant, prune and care for your tree.   So don’t put it off, fall is the perfect time to plant a tree, and it’s one of the easiest home improvement projects that will result in actual dollar benefits.

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