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La Nina and your Trees

November 10, 2010

The wind storms that usually happen in November, especially in a La Nina year, can do some big damage to your trees, and additionally, your house.  Some preventitive measures can ensure that you will not wake up some dark and stormy night with a tree limb lying across your bed.  After a perusal on line of various tree trimming websites, I have this information to offer you: “tree topping” is heavily frowned upon.  This method is the quick and dirty way to “prune” a tree.  But in the end it will only make the tree more susceptible to breaking and uprooting.  Instead, carefully select branches to be removed, choosing limbs that are dead, damaged, cross other limbs, or are leaning on wires.  If the tree is too tall for you to manage on your own, you may consider hiring a professional tree trimmer.  However you go about it, if the gloom and doom weather forecasters are right, an ounce of prevention will go a long way this winter.  For more tips go here.

This article was originally published in Ted Dietz-Keeping Real Estate Real Oct 2010 Newsletter

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