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Teeny Tiny: the New Housing Trend

November 30, 2010

The Holidays are upon us and with them the usual excesses that go along with feasting, decorating, partying, and shopping.   This time of year is all about trying to achieve that illusive holiday ideal with stockings hanging over a well-appointed fireplace and perfectly dressed family in tasteful holiday themed sweaters.  However, with the real estate market still straining to recover from the mortgage crisis, there is a growing trend to go small, doing away with much of the excesses of life in America.  The Small House Book is getting a lot of attention.  In it are directions on how to down size, I mean seriously downsize, to about 500 square feet.  Also included are ideas how to live off the grid, how to build your own house, and how to make it portable (allowing you to work around pesky zoning laws).  I’ve featured similar ideas already on this blog , such as the Rolling Huts (by the way, they are featured on the front cover of this month’s Sunset), and the pre-fabricated buildings the folks at Stem Creative Spaces are making.  While I may day dream about escaping it all and selling the farm to live in a remote corner of the world in my tiny house, I just don’t see this becoming a major lifestyle shift for most Americans.  However, I do think these tiny houses have some great potential as recreational houses, backyard home offices, and mother-in-laws.

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