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Would killing bankers make a good premise for a horror movie?

December 17, 2010

Yesterday I met a lovely, older couple from Dublin.  We shared some general chit-chat about the weather and Seattle but when I told them that I sell real estate they livened up a bit.  They asked me how people in the states feel towards banks.  To their surprise, we found solidarity in our common hostility toward the banking system.  They told me stories (eerily similar to what the US has experienced) of bonuses being doled out to bank executives right after institutions had receivied government bail outs.  And how the only people on their street that had new cars (Mercedes and the like) were bankers.  Their anger and disgust were palpable.

It got me thinking, “We’ve been in this crisis for a few years now.  People need some kind of visceral, cathartic experience to deal with the whole financial crisis.  And since it would be bad form to harm real people, maybe we can do it virtually?  Hmmmm…”

That’s when inspiration struck!   There should be a horror movie about killing bankers!

You could call it something real cheesy like “Die-vidends” or “Overdraft” or “Death Bank”.

Perhaps the killer could utter catch phrases like “I’d like to make a deposit” right before he stabs someone or “I’d like to make a withdrawal” before he removes a part from their body.  It could climax by the killer shoving an executive off the top of the building to see how well his “golden parachute” works!

These are just ideas. 

 What do you think?  Am I onto something here?

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