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Best of 2010: When is it “ok” to remove your pants while touring a home?

December 27, 2010

This final week of the year we at What the Ted? will be highlighting the Best of 2010, this was originally aired January 13.

When is it “ok” to remove your pants while touring a home?

I had a first happen to me this past weekend.  A client of mine removed their pants and started running through various rooms of a house we were viewing. 

Some people lack self control and when inspiration strikes they throw themselves into it with reckless abandon.  I must confess that in that moment I too was caught up in the mayhem and was tempted to run around the house pant-less myself.  But after my client’s parents chased him down and re-clothed him, that feeling quickly dissipated.

Now sure, we can explain away the behavior of the person in question due to the fact that he is 3 years old.  But what about the other pant-less encounters I’ve had?  That’s right; I’ve been through this before.  I wasn’t fibbing about this being a first though. 

This was the first time one of my clients went without pants. 

 On at least two other occasions I have encountered bottom-free home dwellers. 

How do we explain that?

You would think that taking the proper precautions of calling the home owner to let them know you are planning a visit and knocking on bedroom doors would pretty much eliminate any chance of such an experience.  But no, even when appropriate measures have been taken inappropriate encounters have taken place. 

These situations aren’t dissimilar to run-ins with animals in the wild and you must handle it the same way: 

1. Remain calm

2. Don’t make direct eye contact

3. Remember that they are as afraid of you as you are of them

There is no easy way out but you can minimize the damage by employing those simple steps.

Buyers – When is it “ok” to go pant less?  Never.  No matter how much joy it may bring you.

Sellers – When you list your home, keep your non-clothing hours reasonable… say from 9pm to 8am.  Or ask your Realtor to note your partially-nude hours with a warning in their listing remarks. 

I can’t rid myself of the scarring I’ve endured but if I can protect other agents and our clients from the troubles I’ve seen then I’ll have done my job.

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