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Best of 2010: Your Stuff

December 30, 2010

This final week of the year we at What the Ted? will be highlighting the Best of 2010, this was originally aired October 5.

Your Stuff

Have you heard George Carlin’s comedy bit about “stuff”? I’ve been thinking about this comedy routine in relationship to selling a house.  I think Carlin has hit real estate marketing on the head.  Like he says, ” That’s all your house is, a place to keep your stuff.  A pile of stuff with a cover on it. Sometimes you need to move.  Why?  Too much stuff!  Did you ever notice when you go to other people’s houses there is no room for your stuff? Their stuff is all over!  And what awful stuff it is! Where did they get this stuff?” 

That’s it right there – And what awful stuff it is.  Regardless of how great you think your stuff is, other people are going to have their own opinions.  When potential buyers are looking at your home, they aren’t there to admire your stuff.  What they want to know is – will this house work for my stuff?  So as a seller, you must accomodate the potential buyer by allowing them to be able to picture their own stuff in the house.  How?  Moving out your stuff.  Yep.  Pack it up.  Buyers just aren’t interested in your salt and pepper shaker collection.  Or the family photos, or your birthday cards on the mantle.  Sorry, it has to be done.  While your house in on the market, think furniture store show room, not home.  I know this sounds a little harsh, but believe me, getting your things out and neutralizing the space will make a HUGE difference.   I’ve got other ideas on how to market your house on my website.  You don’t have to go all HGTV on your house, just pick it up and move it out.

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