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New Year Predictions

January 11, 2011


It’s the New Year, time for Ted Dietz’s first annual New Year Real Esate Prediction Countdown:

10. Prices will hit rock bottom, BUY, BUY, BUY!

9.  Prices will fully recover, SELL, SELL, SELL!

8.  The Bear will eat the Bull.

7.  The color Avocado will make a huge comeback, replace all your appliances in the “gotta have it” color before it’s too late.

6.  Your matress is still the wisest place to put your money.

5.  The Bull will eat the Bear. 

4.  The government will print more money, interest rates will hit a new low, 0%!

3. The Tiny House movement will gain traction as developers discover that smaller homes can be built inside existing homes.

2.  Inflation will cause interest rates to soar, stock up on canned goods and bottled water and head for the hills!

1.  Governments anxious to be free of mounding garbage, will partner with real estate developers and build “garbage islands”, creating miles of new waterfront property.  

In all seriousness, this time of year there are all kinds of predictions being thrown around out there.  It’s important to remember that what gets reported in national news does not necessarily represent the real estate market in our part of the country.  Sales records vary by region, type of property, price bracket, and neighborhood.  If you have questions about stats for your specific neighborhood shoot me an email and I can answer your questions.

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