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Home Security

January 14, 2011

My local area has seen an unfortunate rash of burglaries after the holidays. It is evident that these criminals are pros and know what they are doing. They waited until the holidays are over and then boldy enter empty homes while everyone is back to school and work. It’s easy to get comfortable and believe that our homes are secure.  I just finished reading a neighborhood email where a burlglarized neighbor described how they had entered her home in broad daylight. The dog wasn’t a deterrant they just threw it some meat. The point of entry was a dog door/sliding glass door combo. The dowel used to secure the door was popped out by reaching through the dog door.  They searched the freezer and drawers looking for hiding spots.  Some of our security measures only make us feel safe, they don’t actually provide protection.  It’s like the Seinfeld joke about hiding your wallet in the toe of your shoe while you are at the beach – because no criminal would ever think to look there. Last summer I posted a list of precautions to take while on vacation.  It is worthwhile to think about security not only while you are gone for a week, but also if you are gone for the work day.  Here is the Seattle Police page of tips to secure your home.

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