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I’ll Downsize – Just Don’t Take My Storage

February 4, 2011

We here at What the Ted? have been talking a lot lately about the downsizing of the American home.  Smaller, better designed homes are what is required by Americans who are feeling the pinch of the downturn, and who are also conscientious about heating and cooling costs (both on the pocketbook and on the environment).  Developers are beginning to do away with the formal living room and dining room in exchange for a multi-purpose great room.  The number of bathrooms and bedrooms are going down as well.  According to this article, the only thing that buyers aren’t willing to do away with is storage.  Which I completely agree with.  But let’s face it, storage takes up a huge amount of space.  Bikes, camping gear, christmas decorations, old photo albums – they all need to go somewhere.  May I assert that properly designed storage need not take up too much space, and it can be life transforming.  You know what I mean.  Imagine for a moment that instead of lugging out the ladder and climbing into the attic (or garage, or crawl space or shed or wherever) to sort through boxes of stuff, you are able to go open the appropriate storage unit and easily pull out what you need.  Life transforming right?

Magazines are full of creative ideas on how to create more storage in your home.  But let’s face it, until you have an accurate idea of what your storage needs are, converting suitcases into a linen closet isn’t going to solve your problem.  Much like the recent blog article I posted about creating a home maintenance schedule, figuring out your storage needs includes making a list of categories and seasonal needs.  Once you have a clear picture of the types of things, and the amount of things, you need to store you can go about creating customized storage.  Your budget, of course, will determine how gung-ho you are about this.  Maybe you’ll hire a carpenter to build built-ins, or maybe you’ll head to IKEA.

Of course, you could always get rid of some of the stuff.  It accumulates with out us knowing how.  It lies in the dark recesses of our homes and breeds.  Take action and send it to the curb!  Here is an article on how to put your house on a diet.

Ultimately, what we are after is a well-designed home that will work for us.

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