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I can see both Active & Sold properties on Windermere now? Yes!!

February 11, 2011

I’m very glad to see we’ve just added a search feature where you can find information for Sold properties on the Windermere website.  We brokers have been clammering for this feature for years so our clients can see which homes have sold around them without having to go Zillow or Redfin. 

I’m not a corporate “rah, rah” kind of guy.  That being said, I love working with Windermere because in my opinion, we are the best at the nuts and bolts of real estate (property marketing, contracts, negotiation, customer service, industry and legal awareness).  Honestly, those are the most important elements of real estate.  But I have always been frustrated and even embarrassed by what we have to offer technology-wise, particularly where our website is concerned.  Recently we were told about some very exciting things coming down the pipe.  The tools that will be coming out from Windermere over this next year will be extremely valuable to agents and the public alike.  This Sold search feature is a step in right direction but is honestly a drop in the bucket compared to where we are headed next.

I’m very excited with where things are going.

Stay tuned and enjoy the new feature!

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