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101 Things To Do in SE Seattle: #17 Chow Down for the Food Bank

June 21, 2011

My office had its annual Windermere Community Service Day last week.  A group of us went to the Ranier Valley Food Bank and helped with some projects needing to be done, we poured some concrete, cleared some old shelving to make room for the new and did some interior painting.  It got me thinking how easy it is to forget about this critical community service – especially during the summer months.  If you are like most people, giving to a food bank generally comes to mind once a year around the holidays – but people need to eat year round!  Summer is a particularly bad time as children are out of school and meals that they would normally receive due to the free/reduced price school lunch program is not available to them.  This puts a significant strain on the food banks as their clientel grows and donations drop.  The Rainier Valley Food Bank serves low-income seniors, families, and persons with disabilities and are committed to providing healthy food.  There are several ways you could help out: donate cash, donate food, volunteer at the food bank, hold a food drive, and/or participate in the Columbia City Chow Down on July 26. 

The Chow Down is a fundraiser for the RVFB, for $75 you can purchase a passport that gives you access to delicious food  made for you by the local chefs of Columbia City’s best restaurants.  I guess that’s what they call a “win win” situation.

In addition to the chow down, my office (Windermere Mt. Baker) is committed to being a donations collector for the Rainier Valley Food Bank.  If you have food donations for the food bank feel free to drop them by our office at 4919 S Genesee Street, or shoot me an email/ call me and I would be happy to pick donations from your home or work.  It may sound corny or cliche but together we can make a real difference for people who need a hand.

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