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101 Things To Do in SE Seattle: #64 Pick Fruit

August 9, 2011

Every August and September fruit trees around Seattle ripen.  In our own yard we have an old plum tree that makes the best, biggest, fattest, juiciest plums around.  We eat them until we start to turn purple.  But it’s hard to keep up with all the fruit, even with giving bags of it away to friends and coworkers we are still left with plums rotting on the ground.  And our tree isn’t the only one.  An organization called City Fruit has a solution, they match people with too much fruit with people who need the fruit.  Here is what they have to say for themselves:

City-grown fruit is a resource for the entire community. Because most residential tree owners can’t—or don’t—use all the fruit produced on their properties, much of it falls to the ground and rots.In addition, much of the fruit grown in urban landscapes is infested with preventable pests.

City Fruit works neighborhood by neighborhood to help residential tree owners grow healthy fruit, to harvest and use what they can, and to share what they don’t need. City Fruit collaborates with others involved in local food production, climate protection, horticulture, food security and community-building to protect and optimize urban fruit trees.

If you have a fruit tree and you need help harvesting, or if you would like to help harvest other people’s trees so that the fruit can be put to good use, contact them.

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