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October 25, 2011

an encore whattheted blog from 2007 who’s timeless cookie truth lives on today

I have often heard it said that when holding an open house you should bake cookies or pop popcorn. This will supposedly create an atmosphere that will stir would-be buyers into a frenzy! By all accounts, these spendid aromas should create such longing for the home in the buyers’ hearts that they have no other choice but to write an offer on your listing!

Recently I gave this a shot.


After a few attempts, not only did I find this “frenzy” legend to be utterly false, I also found that people didn’t want my cookies. This I took personally.

“I mean c’mon people… they’re cookies… WHO DOESN’T WANT A COOKIE?!” … I cried on the inside as I shook with anger and stuffed my face full of remnant cookies.

It wasn’t like I was serving some store bought, flavorless, rock hard, teeth shattering discs. These things were oven fresh, hot, gooey, stain your hands with chocolate goodness, COOKIES …and nobody wanted them.

Questions rushed through my mind…

“Am I pushing the cookies too hard?”

“Are they not large enough?”

“Should I serve milk too?”

No answers were found.

Then it occured to me ” Ted, these people aren’t rejecting you and your delicious cookies. They’re just being polite.”

That’s when it hit me “I should create signs that invite people to enjoy my cookies”.

So that’s what I did.

Interestingly enough, cookie consumption has risen dramtically at my open houses since the signs have been installed.

Hopefully I’ll realize the cookie’s “frenzied selling power” soon as well.

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