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Will Your Smell Help You Sell?

May 29, 2012

Of the five senses, only three really get talked about in real estate. It’s common to hear phrases like “This house looks great!” or “We want to live on a quiet street.” or even “This house sure feels solid.”.

So we have sight, hearing, and touch covered but what about the other two?

“This wall tastes delicious!” …. after 10 years in real estate I can gladly say I have never witnessed a client tasting a house. Although, I can imagine taking much pleasure in buying a life-sized gingerbread or candy house. There’d be a lot of negotiation over whether to use peppermints or spearmints for the driveway and such… but I digress. I’ll concede the sense of taste isn’t really a factor in marketing a home.

That leaves us with smell. Smell is the sense most associated with memory. And smell has produced some of the most visceral responses I have seen to date. People don’t usually have much of a response if a house smells nice or is void of smell but they absolutely notice when a home smells wet, dirty, or just outright gross. People remember smelly houses.

“Hey Ted. Do you remember that place that smelled like cat pee and Funyuns??? Did that house ever sell?”.

That is not the type of memory you want associated with your home.

I’ve touched talked about the use of cookies to help market homes in the past but I came across this article the Seattle Times swiped from the AP that talks about about how even what you cook for dinner can effect the sale of your home.

Give it a read and decide for yourself if baking that onion & garlic rub into your fish the night before an open house is really worth it!

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