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October 9, 2015

So I was showing a home last weekend when we came upon this…


Now, I should start by saying that this is not a treatise on gun rights.  It’s more about common sense mongoring than fear mongoring.  With that said, there are a myriad of things that would be best to tuck out of view or even move to another location when opening your home to the public.  Over the next few posts, I’ll be throwing out a few quick thoughts on some of these things. Since we have this photo, let’s start with weapons:

I’ve been in literally thousands of houses over the past 13 years and like most of my veteran colleagues, occasionally find myself in homes with weapons out in the open and accessible.  Nun-chucks, swords, shields, knives, guns – sometimes just sitting right there.

The thing that struck me when we encountered this gun cabinet was that there were a few open rounds and a box of ammunition sitting right next to the rifle.  Potential disaster.

When you put your home on the market, you never know who is going to enter your home or how well attended to they will be.  From open house theivery (which happens more often than you might think) to non-attended to children, the potential for disaster looms when there are weapons about.

They are also distracting. When we saw this gun we started talking about it and stopped talking about the house. The whole reason you let us in your house is to show us how great it is and make buyers want to buy it. It doesn’t make sense to have things on display that distract from that purpose.

This principle applies to wall-mounted weaponry as well, no matter how “tasefully” displayed.  You may be very proud of your Klingon War Blades and even possess the ability to wield them with enough verocity to inspire Picard to violate the Prime Directive. (sorry for the geek speak)  But for the sake of showing your home, let’s keep those tucked away in a safe & secret place… maybe with the Romulan Ale??

What about seemingly innocuous and common things like kitchen knives?

Hide those away too.  While the likelihood of a blood thirsty maniac stopping by your open house is low, chidren are left unattended constantly. Most families are great but it’s not uncommon for parents to be having a conversation with an agent in one room while Lord of the Flies is being acted out in the next. At the bare minimum, place them in a drawer or better yet, up in a cabinet.

You want your home to feel like nothing bad could ever happen there so let’s make sure it doesn’t and store the stabby and shooty things away until after the sale.

Tune in next time when we’ll find out what Lord of the Rings and 50 Shades of Grey have in common.

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